seasoned-logs-deliveryThe environmental benefits of burning logs and kindling for fuel

In terms of the environment, burning wood has some obvious benefits, since the carbon dioxide levels being released into our atmosphere equals the same amount a tree will actually absorb during its growth.



Logs and kindling are also a renewable resource, especially when collected from cultivated woodland (such as Wyre Forest) and plantations. When burning logs for your fireplace or wood burning stove, the best bet is to use seasoned logs of at least two years old, to ensure moisture content is under 20 per cent.


With the above recommended moisture content levels, you'll get up to twice the output of fresh timber, and can also reduce tar build-up inside your flue.


We also recommend using our hardwood logs, as they generally provide you with double the calorific value you'd get from softwoods.


Burning wood in the home


Nothing beats the heat and lovely feeling achieved from burning wood in a fireplace or wood burning stove. Nowadays, advancements in technology allow wood burning stoves to produce large, lush flames, that are semi-transparent and a far cry from the smaller, ragged flames you'd experience from an open fireplace.


With the cost of fuel rising, many are turning to burning wood for fuel, which can provide a warm, cosy atmosphere for any home. Modern wood burning stoves that are HETAS accredited and CE certified burn so much more efficiently and cleanly than older, more conventional stoves, and will not only save wood and money, but also reduce smoke. They also produce spectacular fires that are beautiful to look at!


Carbon neutral


The Forestry Commission have made the recommendation that millions of new trees should be planted in order to cover up to an extra four per cent of woodland in the UK - that's around 30,000 football pitches worth a year. Doing this will increase the UK's woodland to a total of 16 per cent.


Logs are also the cheapest way to heat your home, according to the Solid Fuel Technology Institute, with the cost of useful energy per kW at roughly 4p. Compare that to anthracite (5p), natural gas (7p), oil (7.5p), LPG (9p) and electricity (12p), wood easily comes out on top.


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